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Singapore, has always been at the crossroads of many cultures, has many artists in broad range of disciplines, specifically; graphics designers, architectural illustrationists, interior designers, art directions and many others, with their work appearing in a variety of formats. Most are serious works but not with parody.

3Dv aims to be in-between. Employing the latest digital techniques, with combination from 3D programs, action scripts and popular internet plug-ins, provide you with galleries of digital humans (adding some comics/humors on our slides) and celebrate the unions of sexes in our DVDs in an interactive easy-to-navigate manner (Interactive 3D animated posing sex couples). Attempting ourselves as a unanxious account of the full repertoire of human heterosexuality in various love-making positions on new media (in other words, trying to be indicative of what's on the minds of typical computer-savvy males).

The 2D graphics and illustrations concentrate with beauties of the Orient East, which in our humble opinions, are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

Most of us are used to seeing other humans more often than anything else, it is a challenge to create 3-dimensional digital ones realistically especially when animating or "rigging" (the industry term) them. However, creating artistic representation of humans especially naked and exposed sexuality, we think it is a worthwhile goal...thus 3Dv.

Ultimately, as adventurous artists ourselves in a conservative nation, we believe we gave birth to a new style of digital art viewing....with the longing towards goal of greater realism, of flawess replica of men and women in their naked moments.

Hunter Leong

Sensual MonsterUnethical Behaviour

Title: Unethical behavior

Beauties of the Orient East

* Some DVDs contain nude illustrations.

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